Wet Aged Bulk Beef Pack – 1/8 Animal (Approx 37.5kg)

$610.00 available on subscription

1/8 Wet Aged Beef – Bulk Purchase approx 37.5kg

Avaliable in both Wet Aged or Dry Aged methods.

You will need to make a selection of mince, sausages, & roasts/additional mince;

Pack cuts & kg totals listed below:

Beef Mince4 x 1kg
Sausages6 x 700g
Porterhouse2 x 500g
T-Bone1 x 600g
Scotch2 x 500g
Topside (Roast/Mince)2 x 1kg
Blade (Roasts)1 x 1.5kg
Stirfry1 x 600g
Minute1 x 600g
Diced Beef2 x 1kg
Gravy Beef1 x 1kg
Rump4 x 400g
Beef Ribs1 x 1.4kg
Girello/Yearling (Roasts)1 x 1kg
Brisket1 x 1kg
Oyster Blade (Steaks)1 x 600g
Osso Bucco1 x 1.2kg
Burgers3 x 550g
Fat3 x 1kg
Meaty Bones2 x 1kg
Marrow Bones2 x 1kg
Dog Bones3 x 1kg

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Select the type of Mince × 4


Select the type of Sausages (700g) × 6

Select Either Topside Roast or Additional Mince × 2

Choose a subscription


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Wet Aged, Dry Aged




Extra Lean, Regular


Roast, Mince

Select the type of Mince

Pack Size


Mince Type

Extra Lean (95cl), Regular (85cl)

Select the type of Sausages (700g)


100% Natural Plain Beef (GF) Sausages (Preservative Free), 100% Natural Herb Beef (GF) Sausages (Preservative Free), Truffle & Parmesan Gourmet Beef (GF) Sausages, Jalapeno & Cheddar Beef (GF) Sausages, BBQ Beef (GF) Sausages, Request Variety Plain & Herb Beef GFPF Sausages, Mix All Gluten Free Beef Sausages

Select Either Topside Roast or Additional Mince


Topside Roast, Extra Lean Beef Mince, Regular Beef MInce

Delivery Cut Off Dates

Sunday 12pm for Tues and Wed delivery
Tuesday 12pm for Thursday and Friday delivery
Thursday 11am for Farmers market collections

Delivery Cost

Up to $50 purchase – $15 charge
$50 – $150 purchase range – $10 charge
$150 plus purchase – free (Perth Metro Area)
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