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About Gingin Grass Fed

Gingin Grass Fed is your local and online supplier of homegrown, free-range meats. Our Farm, which supply West Australians with the freshest and finest cuts of meat, started selling direct to the public in 2010. Since then, we’ve garnered a reputation as one of Perth’s leading butchers, renowned for our top-quality products; our beef sourced direct from our farms in Gingin.  Chemical-free and 100% grass fed and finished, our products are true paddock-to-plate stories, ones we’re happy to share.

Although the days of the traditional butcher shop may be numbered, we still like to offer the same genuine customer service and quality that shoppers have grown to know and love, whether it’s in person at your local farmers market, or chatting online through our website.

So whether you’re after restaurant-grade meats, don’t have time to shop, or like the convenience of home deliveries, visit us for the best in quality meats.

gingin beef
gingin grass fed beef

About the Beef

Gingin Grass Fed beef have been selling premium beef at farmers markets and selected grocery stores for years, and the demand for our mouth-watering cuts has never been higher. Specialising in european breeds of cattle; Angus and Murray Grey, in addition to also stocking Wagyu for our local markets.

What’s our juicy secret? Our beef, which roam free on rich pastures, are 100% homegrown and grass fed. Each one of our animals are grown without the use of hormones or antibiotics, and are fed only seasonal grasses and nutritious hay.

Without the addition of nasty chemicals or supplements, they can grow to their full potential, resulting in beef that is unstressed and rich in healthy things like Omega-3 fatty acids.

To get our premium beef perfect and ready for serving, we dry age it for a minimum of 35 days. The process, which sees meat stored at near freezing temperatures, allows our beef to have a greater concentration of natural flavours and a tender texture that’s hard to beat.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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'We have been having the Gingin Grass Fed meat for a few years now, and what can I say, the quality of the meat is exceptional. We love the convenient delivery options' ELENA - SUBIACO FARMERS MARKET

Is Grassfed (& Finished) Beef really good for you?

Or is it just a lot of hype? A good 20 years ago I was an Olympic Swimmer. Nutrition has always been of absolute importance, one of the reasons I began this little company 11 years ago. Also the same time I fell pregnant with the 1st of my 3 girls. I understood then the benefits of GRASS FED & FINISHED BEEF, and believe that it’s even more important now as I raise my family and the importance for me as I get older.

Our food can be our medicine. Whether an elite athlete, a young child, or an ageing adult; at every stage of our lives we have the opportunity to provide ourselves and our families with good fuel.

7 Benefits of Grassfed Beef