Lamb Chops

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Juicy grass fed lamb chops​

This cut is a real favourite at Gingin Grass Fed because of the full flavour and tender meat. Essentially these little beauties are the equivalent of beef t-bone steak but from the finest lamb comprising of both a small fillet and sirloin.

​Cut from the loin which is the most tender part of Lamb we recommend cooking on a very hot pan for a short period of time which will keep all the flavour and moisture in the meat as well as rendering the fats to intensify the taste.


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10 reviews for Lamb Chops

  1. gavin mcfadden (verified owner)

    So tasty order heaps and always have some in hand!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Yum, lean, tender and flavourful

  3. Beatriz (verified owner)

    so tasty

  4. Daniel Capolingua (verified owner)

  5. Walter (verified owner)

  6. Jenny Pearce (verified owner)

  7. Margaret Davies (verified owner)

  8. mick (verified owner)

    Always good on the barbie.

  9. narelle (verified owner)

  10. Linka (verified owner)

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