Dry Aged Grass Fed Tomahawk Steak

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Our grass fed Tomahawk is currently only available in the Dry Aged selection

This steak is a centerpiece. Combining the scotch fillet & the long rib, this section is known for its abundant marbling & rich flavour. Our Dry Aged selection in particular has the mellow taste that only comes from the longstanding dry aging process. Rich in flavour and abundant in marbling, these steaks are sure to please.

Dry Age Difference

While most select the wet aged steak option as it is priced to please, there is a certain je ne sais quoi about dry aged steaks. Overall you should expect the flavour to be more intense and pronounced, the taste is usually described as nutty or earthy. Dry-aging beef causes it to lose some of its moisture which allows flavours become more concentrated. A true steak connoisseurs go to option!

Whether it’s a special occasion or a good day to grill, a dry aged Tomahawk steak is an event to remember! Also for an enhanced flavour, try our amazing scotch fillet or ribeye steaks!


20 reviews for Dry Aged Grass Fed Tomahawk Steak

  1. Vickey Wilson (verified owner)

  2. Barbara A. (verified owner)

  3. Robert N. (verified owner)


  4. Jane M. (verified owner)

    Perfect piece of meat. We had it on Christmas Day lunch cooked on the BBQ

  5. Dylan T. (verified owner)

    Very delicious

  6. Alexander Hulst (verified owner)

    Well packaged, great quality meat full of flavour with excellent delivery times

  7. Joel Compton (verified owner)

  8. matt macoboy (verified owner)

  9. Amy (verified owner)

  10. Leesa Carroll (verified owner)

  11. Phil Pinto (verified owner)

  12. Nicola Sullivan (verified owner)

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. Ryan (verified owner)


  15. matt clarke (verified owner)

  16. mick williams (verified owner)

  17. Lucy (verified owner)

  18. Fran B. (verified owner)

  19. Stuart (verified owner)

    Delicious, and tender.

  20. Cindi (verified owner)

    Delicious, tender and will be buying again!

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