Grass Fed Oyster Blade Steak

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Can be requested as steaks or a piece, a wonderful versatile cut that comes from the shoulder. May be slow cooked in a curry or a stew or pan fried/bbq’d as a steak! wonderful flavour and softness

Oyster Blade is renown for being a flavoursome highly versatile cut. A shoulder cut, therefore a working muscle brings the flavour to the table! Usually highly marbled, its great as a steak or in a stew/curry.

Sometime this steak is overlooked, and viewed as inferior due to a small line of gristle. For Oyster Blade lovers, nothing beats the flavour this soft buttery steak reveals at a great price


2 reviews for Grass Fed Oyster Blade Steak

  1. Bel T. (verified owner)

  2. Amy M. (verified owner)

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