Grass Fed Beef Roast

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Select from Blade, Pocket, Topside (Leaner) or Girello (Leaner)

The beef roast is always a great family favourite.

Always flavoursome, great for left overs the following day.

Cooking Times:

Bring out of the fridge 30-45 mins prior to cooking. Always rest covered for 10-15 mins prior to slicing.

Oven temp: 160 degrees Celsius

Calculate your cooking time on weight per 500g

Select from the following

rare – 25mins per 500g

medium rare – 27mins per 500g

medium – 30mind per 500g

medium well – 33mins per 500g

well 35mins per 500g

Grass Fed & Finished


2 reviews for Grass Fed Beef Roast

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Roast Type

Blade Roast, Leaner Roast

Roast Size

1kg Roast (Serves 4), 1.5kg Roast (Serves 6-7)