Free Range Pork

Gingin Grass Fed supply delicious pork and ham direct to you from West Australian farmers. We work with local farmers who we’ve known for years, to produce free-range pork perfect for anyone from a Michelin star chef, to the humble home cook. 

Before Your Buy

How confident are you that the ham you’ve putting in your sandwiches comes from Australia? Approximately 70% of Australia’s processed pork products are actually produced from imported pork, which means you could be eating a product that’s not 100% from our country.

How can you be sure? Just look at the packaging – if you can’t see a ‘Product of Australia’ label, you’re probably not eating 100% Australian pork.

We proudly sell West Australian farmed pork, and aren’t afraid to prove it. So if you have any questions related to the origin, treatment, and quality of our wholesale pork, just ask!

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free range pork
Cooking Pork Tips

Pork Tips & Tricks

Been a while since you’ve cooked pork? Here’s some helpful tips and tricks to make sure your pork dish stand out:

  • Cooking tonight? Pork is better if it’s at room temperature prior to cooking, so remove it from the fridge to gain the best results
  • Cut meat across the grain to keep it tender
  • Ensure pork skin is dry prior to scouring, to help it crackle in the oven
  • Can’t get it to crackle? Spray it with a little oil and put it under the grill
  • Don’t overdo it – remember, meat continues to cook after its removed from heat