Grass Fed Beef

Ever heard of the term ‘grass fed’ beef, and wondered what it meant? The answer’s simple: meat that’s been fed a healthy diet of grass and plants. Usually, this means cattle that have grown up roaming green pastures and grazing on delicious, nutritious grass, all day long. So why do people buy grass fed beef over grain fed?

Grass Fed: It’s good for digestion

Grass fed cattle are raised slowly, feasting on grass from birth until death. There’s nothing strange, unnatural or peculiar about their diets or lives, just what they’ve been doing historically for years.

The result – meat that’s nutrient-rich, full of Omega 3s, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and micronutrients. With all the good things and no bad things, grass fed beef is easier for humans to digest (because, just like cows, our tummies are better full of natural things and without any hidden nasties).

grass fed fillet steak

It’s environmentally friendly

In Australia, grass fed cattle get to enjoy the great outdoors 365 days a year. Grain fed cattle don’t. Once grain fed cattle reach a certain age, they move from a grass-rich diet and green pastures, to grains and feeding lots; both of which continue to have a negative impact on our environment.

Gingin Grass Fed continue to produce only grass fed meats for a sustainable, humane future that embraces heritage, history and nature.

It’s ethical

You know that old saying, ‘the grass is greener on the other side’? It’s true. Well, for grass fed cattle, anyway. Grain fed cattle don’t always have that luxury. Often, grain-reared cattle are fed either on a part-grass, part-grain diet, or just on grain and silage – a method designed to bulk them up. Their lifespans are generally shorter than grass fed cattle and they’re not given as much freedom as their outdoor counterparts.

Here at Gingin Grass fed, we believe our animals deserve a happy, healthy life, free of stress and harm. And yes, both our minds and our bellies can taste the difference.

Black Angus Cattle Grazing
grass fed dry aged T Bone steak

But really…
It’s all about the taste

Cattle aren’t raised the same, so it makes sense they don’t all taste the same either. Each breed has a different flavour and taste profile, attributed to genetics, lifestyle and what they eat.

Grass fed beef is easy to spot, both with the eyes and the taste buds. Just look for a darker red meat with yellow coloured fat – a sign of a stress-free life and nature-based diet. Once it’s in your mouth, you’ll notice it’s rich beefy flavour – something grain fed beef producers can’t fake.

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