Free Range Chicken

A staple for many West Australian families, chicken is healthy, easy to prepare and incredibly tasty. It’s diversity in the kitchen means everyone from Mum through to bub can enjoy the benefits of added protein and essential vitamins and minerals to their diets. We make it easy for you, providing your family with top-quality, chef-grade chicken delivered straight to your door. 

Free-Range Philosophy

What exactly do we mean by ‘free-range’? It’s a term loosely used in the industry to suggest that animals are given the best in life – the right food, proper shelter and the option to roam free in grassy pastures.

However, not every farmer can claim their animals are brought up in truly free-range circumstances, we on the other hand can. We’ve watched our animals grow up on acres of Gingin farmland, and know more paddock-to-plate stories than most.

We only work with farmers who share the same philosophy, so know exactly how the chicken, beef, lamb or pork you’re buying ended up at our shop and in your shopping bag.

That’s just one of the many ways we like to ensure your Gingin Grass Fed experience has you coming back for more.

Chicken Breast Delivery
Chicken Breast Delivery

Chicken Delivered To You

Gingin Grass Fed is more than just a butcher shop – we’re a delivery service too! You can order your choice of meats through our online shop, and we’ll get it sent, vacuum-sealed, straight to your door.

Vacuum-sealed products retain their freshness for longer, and our convenient chemical free vaccum-packed servings make it easy to store.

Visit our SHOP, our chickens are free-range and hormone-free, you can really taste the difference. 

Or head to one of these Farmers Markets to give our free-range products a try.