Buying Beef in Bulk

Here at Gingin Grass Fed, we know beef. We’ve spent five generations perfecting our Gingin-grown breeds to produce the very best in juicy, tender, tasty, and healthy meat. If you’re buying beef in bulk, pick us. We’ve been servicing Perth’s wholesale beef market for decades. You might have heard some butchers offer “quality over quantity” – we at Gingin Grass Fed say you can have both. That’s because we work direct with WA’s top farmers, who pride themselves in producing only the best beef, no matter the size of the order. Buying beef in bulk shouldn’t have an impact on taste or quality, and that’s something Gingin Grass Fed guarantee.

Always, 100% Grass Fed

What makes us stand out from other butchers? We have, and always will sell only 100% grass fed beef. What exactly does grass fed mean? Farmers have a few different ways of feeding their livestock. Some, like us, choose to feed them the natural way – with seasonal grasses and nutritious hay 365 days a year, AKA ‘grass fed’. Others, however, choose to feed their animals fully or partially with grains – hence the terms ‘grain fed’ and ‘grain finished’. We believe feeding our cows grass helps to produce the best meat – stress-free and rich in healthy fatty acids and vitamins – while minimising our impact on the environment.
buying beef in bulk
buying beef in bulk

Happy, Healthy, and Tasty

Gingin Grass Fed’s wholesale beef is the culmination of three very important things – the happiness and general well being of our animals, the nutritious foods they eat, and an environment free of chemicals and unnecessary hormones. These long-term investments have resulted in the best meats for everyone, including our most discerning customers. So whether you are a consumer with a conscience, or you’re simply looking for a quality wholesaler, buying beef in bulk is easy with Gingin Grass Fed.