Hankering for some meat, but it’s not quite lunch or dinner? Never fear, jerky is here! Gingin Grass Fed’s beef jerky is made using 100% West Australian grass fed beef – the same meat you can buy fresh from our ‘Shop’ every day. Dried to salty, snack-tastic perfection, it makes a tasty bar snack, afternoon pick-me-up or weekend treat, our mouths are drooling just thinking about it.

Taste Our Beef Jerky

Perth jerky fanatics will tell you that the best jerky is made using lean red meat. Trimmed of fat, the meat is cut into strips and marinated in a mix of salt, herbs, and seasoning. The meat is then dried, dehydrated or smoked, resulting in cured – preserved morsels of savoury goodness. 

Perth’s market trawlers know to make our Gingin Grass Fed market stalls a must-visit, thanks to our beef jerky.

Perth jerky aficionado, beef jerky wholesaler or just a curious customer? Grab a taste tester of our premium beef jerky from our market stalls this weekend.

Or visit our SHOP right now, you will love the taste.

grass fed beef jerky traditional package
grass fed beef jerky

Jerky vs Biltong

If you’ve tried jerky, you’re bound to have tried biltong too. So, what’s the difference? Well, there’s three, actually.

The meat used for biltong is cut in much thicker strips than jerky, which is normally a very thin meat. Biltong meat is usually mixed with vinegar, salt and spices, while jerky is traditionally dried with just salt.

Jerky is smoked but biltong isn’t. Instead, biltong is supposed to be air-dried during cold climates.

Biltong has a shorter shelf-life than jerky, due to it’s higher fat and moisture content. Jerky, if preserved correctly, can last months without refrigeration. Gingin Grass Fed’s jerky never lasts that long, though. It’s simply too moreish to keep.