The birth of Gingin Grass Fed Beef

Julia and her sister Penny on the Gingin family property

Gingin Grass Fed Beef is a family business that prides itself on raising animals that roam free on rich pastures, are 100% homegrown and grass-fed, bred without hormones or antibiotics, and fed only seasonal grasses and nutritious hay.

Former Olympic swimmer and founder Julia Greville realised a growth opportunity founded on her family’s rich farming heritage in Gingin, which dates back 170 years. 

While living in Sydney, Julia experienced grass-fed beef products and their benefits, but she saw nothing in the market when she returned to Perth, so the idea for healthy organic beef was born.

‘My parents had always gone above and beyond to raise their cattle, so the natural extension was to sell Gingin premium meats to customers directly. As a result, we were making the family farm more financially viable, and combining my desire to transition from an elite sport into a challenging work environment’. 

So, what does it mean to eat grass-fed beef, and do people understand why you should choose it? Julia certainly does, and she loves to chat about it with her loyal customers at the Farmer’s Markets, where her produce has sold for more than ten years.

Grass-fed animals roam free on rich pastures, feeding on seasonal grasses and nutritious hay, are bred without the addition of nasty chemicals or supplements and grow to their full potential, resulting in beef that is unstressed and rich in healthy things like Omega-3 fatty acids.

The Dry-Aging Process

To get their premium beef perfect and ready for serving, they dry age it for a minimum of 36 days. This process sees meat stored at near-freezing temperatures in a controlled environment.

The combination of temperature, humidity, and air quality allows moisture to evaporate from the meat, and oxidate fat and other fat-like molecules. In contrast, the meat’s natural enzymes break down the connective tissue in the muscle, resulting in a high concentration of natural meaty flavour, combined with a tenderness unparalleled to standard beef options.

‘We are one of the few businesses that meet the entire supply chain from cattle farming, dry aging, processing the meat, and selling it direct to customers, maintaining total quality control. We genuinely love supplying a product we are proud of,’ Julia said.

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