Free Range Family Chicken Pack (optional choices)


The Family Chicken Pack with optional choices… select any 10 items to suit your family’s taste. Get the Gingin Family Chicken Pack home delivered to your door* at your choice of timing (every week/every 2 weeks/ or every month) with a Family Chicken Pack Subscription.

Note: To receive regular delivery, select the subscription option… available in the cart




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Does this sound like you?

Want to spend less time planning family meals? Want to serve your family pasture raised grass-fed meats? Want to prepare family meals they will love to taste, and feel confident of the nutritional value? Want to feel you have the produce readily available to create fabulous meals? Want to feel like you’re spending less time shopping and the added bonus of free delivery to your door?

Then try our Gingin Family Chicken Pack: Each pack is perfectly packed and portioned to create nutritious and delicious meals at home.