Bannister Downs Whipping Cream (POUCH)


Whipping Cream (POUCH)

WA Local Cream

Bannister Downs Dairy traditional whipping (pouring) cream is made from premium quality fresh milk. This cream whips exquisitely or pours beautifully – the ultimate dessert cream!

One of Bannister Down’s lovely cows, Annalise, features on the front of the Fresh Cream sustainable pouch packaging. The stunning scene behind her is a photo taken on a cool misty morning in May, looking out through our kitchen window into one of our picturesque valleys where she grazes.


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The Bannister Downs Story  – Why we love their product

Every single decision we make is about having the best produce on offer. When we say the best produce we’re talking, the best flavour, the best taste, great nutrition and the most sustainable. We aim to make our milk the best we can every day.

We don’t tolerate short cuts or measuring how fast something can be done. Those things aren’t what we’re about. There are no short cuts, it’s that simple.

When Bannister Downs milk leaves our property in the truck every afternoon, it is only hours after it has been freshly milked from the cow that same morning. That’s as fresh as it gets! It’s in the truck in the afternoon and it’s on the shelf ready for you the next morning.

We don’t add anything. When we talk about the best produce we think about what we want our children to be eating. We look to avoid things like colours, preservatives, stabilisers, thickeners, gelatine, or any additives whatsoever.

So sometimes our produce doesn’t behave how people might expect it to. If you buy our cream it may have a skin on it that will thicken over time and that’s because it is cream fresh from a cow and that’s how real cream behaves. All of our products are free of ANY additives, including skim milk powder and permeate.

We believe that there’s now a more educated consumer seeking, real natural produce. That means sacrificing some consistency, but instead we can deliver real produce that behaves as nature intended.

The low temperature pasteurisation system we use, we believe, may be nutritionally beneficial; enzymes and proteins are all heat sensitive and they can be denatured at higher temperatures. Our milk has never been over 68 degrees. This also suggests Bannister Downs milk will make the perfect coffee, because it hasn’t been exposed to high temperatures.

Our Farm Fresh Milk is as pure as nature intended, undergoing only homogenisation to evenly distribute the cream and pasteurisation as required by Australian Health Regulations. We are one of the few processors in Australia using traditional low temperature processing methods in order to achieve a wonderful milk flavour.

All of our products are GM free, as we purchase directly from our chosen GM free grain suppliers when we purchase grain for our girls.


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