All Subscription orders come with a 5% discount!

I’m so excited to launch our new Gingin Grass Fed subscription options, now available in the cart, so that you can pre-order your favourite meat choices, and have your shopping delivered directly to your door.

I want to simplify the shopping process and make cooking nourishing meals achievable for everyone by making it easy and delicious. Does this sound like you?

You want to serve your family pasture raised grass-fed meats?
You want to prepare meals they will love to taste, with the nutritional value?
You want to feel like you have the produce for meals readily available?
You want to feel like you’re spending less time shopping with the added bonus of free* delivery to your door?

If so, then read on…

You have the option of choosing your own preferred shop and subscribing in the cart. Or alternatively, trying our newly created Family Meat Packs or Gym Pack with their optional choices… for the same advertised price, and subscribing in the cart. Our range of Meat Packs include:

The Family Beef Pack (with optional choices)
The Family Chicken Pack (with optional choices)
Our Curated Meat Packs as featured in the shop
Or the Gym Pack (with optional choices) – for you fitness fanatics

To finalise the subscription all you have to do is select your preference for regular delivery to your door (every week/every 2 weeks/or every month). Note: for free* delivery your spend must exceed $150.

Family Meat Packs

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